Advanced Search Engine
Marketing Strategies

The complexity of managing an effective Search Marketing Program lies in understanding the choices, filtering out the noise and assembling the pieces. We responded to this challenge by creating ORCHESTRATE3 the Campaign Management Software that simplifies the process. Our product design combines the best in proprietary technology and leverages the talent of the industry masters. In fact, some of the best tool offerings come directly from the Search Engines free of charge!

We used component architecture with intelligent interfaces to industry leading software to create an integrated one-stop campaign management software solution for multiple search engines. Our Key Word Generator function is an example which leverages leading key word forensic tools such as Word Tracker© and the Google™ Keyword Tool and enhances their value with our proprietary Geo Phrase Generator.

Our technology design keeps us ahead of the curve. When a product that integrates with our tool is enriched by the vendor, we immediately deliver the new benefits to our clients. If a search engine offers a valuable feature not available across all search engines, we can often level the playing field by building the missing feature into our software interface to bridge the gap for our clients.

Product Highlights:

Powerful Key Word Generator
Ad Optimizer
Geographic Targeting
Schedule Controller
Bid Manager
Search Engine Integrator
Performance Analyzer

Achieving Perfect Harmony

Campaign Management Software