Advanced Search Engine
Marketing Strategies

Formula For Success

Our service offerings are aligned to facilitate a proven 6-Step Search Engine Marketing process. Understanding your business and web site readiness allows us to tailor your advertising program to the areas of highest return for your business. Measuring and refining the program performance protects and leverages the value of your investment.
Business Review - We review your business service offerings, target customer market, competition and current marketing programs to establish the foundation for your search engine marketing goals.
Search Engine Marketing Goals - We define the most relevant goals for your Search Engine Marketing campaign and identify target prospects, behavior profiles and conversion measurements.
Web Site Readiness - We review the content and navigation of your web site against your online marketing goals and measure the optimization level of your Web pages for search engine access.
Search Engine Marketing Program - We design a search engine marketing program tailored to meet your unique business goals and budget that effectively combines current best practices for search engine optimization with our sponsored search campaign management technology.
Measurement - We measure the effectiveness of the campaign from the perspective of key word performance, copy relevance, phone calls, site traffic, visitor behavior, leads and conversions. You receive tangible ROI measures to monitor value of your investment.
Refinement - Through comprehensive monitoring, we continuously refine the performance of your search engine marketing program.

Search Engine Marketing


It's Not as Hard
as You Think.